"Poor patients also miss the nutrition they used to

receive at the TB facilities. Provide nutrition with the

drug supplies."

  • Health facility manager, Somalia

"People with chronic illnesses should be able to go and collect their medication. However, there is a level of fear about going to hospitals and using public transport and many patients have no other means of getting there."

  • Researcher, Argentina

"Antiretrovirals are handed out at home to avoid patient exposure ... a telephone line was implemented for access to consultations through telemedicine."

  • Health facility manager, Argentina

"Disruption of transportation has been primary barriers to TB as a result of complete lock down in the entire country."

  • Researcher, Nepal

"It is difficult to ask people living with HIV to show their medical records at roadblocks as this discloses their status."

  • Doctor, Zimbabwe

"Synthesising recommendations of frontline professionals should be prioritised for informing policymakers and healthcare service delivery organisations."

  • LSHTM, TB Centre

"To develop a strategy for the supply of medication at a community level, being supplied together with other types of assistance to protect the identity of those wishing for health status anonymity." 

  • Community healthcare worker, Dominican Republic